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The customer Experience Coordinator (CEC) is responsible for coordinating the delivery of a first-class customer experience for all of our customers throughout the country. The role will drive the Quality of services for our customers and contractors involved in maintenance installations and other technical activities conduct to enhance the best customer experience. The Customer Experience Coordinator is responsible for designing and delivering customer journeys for programs and campaigns. Analyzing current customer behavior and providing these insights to embed into improved customer journeys and automated functions. Gain an understanding of behaviors by using analytics and campaign and market data and report these back to internal teams. This will lead to improvements in the existing customer journeys across multi-channels including sales, credit, supply chain, and administrative functions. With paramount strong stakeholder engagement ability while working with different internal teams and CX field teams to enhance improved CX. Supports field supervision of the CX team to achieve a high state of after-sale service throughout the country.


  • As customer experience coordinator will be responsible for coordinating the delivery of a first-class customer experience for Engie Energy access at the country level.
  • CEC will drive Quality of services for our customers, contractors (Maintenance and installations Technicians) and will be the point of contact for all field customer experience escalated cases.
  • Will support delivery of customer after-sale service for 100,000 plus customers that are using Engie Energy Access SHS and SLS products throughout the country, making sure that all services are accessed within time.
  • Coordinates weekly and monthly operations meetings for the field service team. Manage processes to ensure that all meeting action items are fully worked on. Liaising with the on-site service provider to ensure that all identified faults are promptly rectified
  • Provide country month to month stock projections demands required to service customers in coordination with supply chain and making sure that contractors stock is reported monthly along with weekly need revision stock follow up and management from contractors.
  • Analysis of the end-to-end experience of customers and map their existing journeys by gaining an understanding of their pain points and creation/implementation of strategic solutions to solve current and future problems.
  • Performs validation and verification of fundi payroll, by validation of activities conducted by contractors versus paygee reports affecting all necessary deductions, and penalties in coordination with the finance representative.
  • Department Collaboration - Liaison between customer and all Engie Energy access departments. Works with other departments as needed to resolve customer concerns and ensure customers have what they need to operate their business.
  • Lead team responsible for the provision of zonal after-sale service and field operation, which include leadership on content and strategic interactions, to deliver effective high end personalized experiences and great brand loyalty.
  • Performs diversified customer relations/customer service center and administrative duties for customers to ensure prompt processing of customer requests regarding company products, services, and activities.
  • CEC is responsible for developing customer contact employees to achieve individual, company, and customer experience goals, while overseeing the work activities of assigned Customer Service Center colleagues.
  • CEC manages Compliance of all field policies, procedures, customer relationship management controls resulting in effective streamlined operations throughout all zones.
  • Evaluates and follow-ups on-field pending customers' requests/tasks or inquiries to make sure tasks/Requests/Comments are addressed by responsible CX team members.
  • Responsible with: - Champion opportunities to consistently Improve the Engie Energy access experience. - Drive customer retention, reduce churn, and increase customer satisfaction - Map the customer journey and identify opportunities to proactively intervene on the client’s behalf through proactive technical diagnosis. - Guide team in effective client issues resolution and handle any escalations - Develop listening points in the customer journey, define segmentation of customer base and varying strategies, and identify opportunities for continuous improvement - Continually review and evolve the collection of processes Engie Energy access uses to track, oversee, and organize every interaction between the customer and Vivacity throughout the lifecycle
  • Provide general support trainings on initial troubleshooting for customers with questions or issues regarding previously installed/activated systems.
  • Provide a top-level customer experience to customers to encourage online reviews and customer referrals and further drive growth.
  • Maximize insights from a full suite of VoC and experience measurement tools to inform a cadence of continuous improvement activities that are addressed by a dedicated cross-functional agile development team. This team has a track record of delivering monthly enhancement sprints that are hyper-focused on improving online customer experience and engagement.
  • Follow-up's resolutions and implementation of all survey concerns raised on NPS, CSI, CES feedback that requires other departmental intervention, follow-ups, tools or equipment to complete, or training need to improve customer experience throughout the company.
  • Leverage CE-WAY lean management practices to achieve clear department and enterprise-level success metrics, including customer satisfaction (CSAT and CSI), product adoption (Mfundi alerts/notifications, online self-service, troubleshoot wizard integration, etc.), and live agent visit reduction.
  • Lean Service Management, in everything cx does, must ask, why we are doing? And what value does it add to the customer?
  • CEC works in collaboration with the CX team to design, implement and evaluate the value and effectiveness of communication channels and new strategies to our customers.
  • Service tasks feedback follow up,
  • Weekly CSAT field customer satisfaction feedback follows up of raised concerns that are identified per zone.
  • NPS CSI feedback follows up with the respective department to make sure they are implemented, and customer concerns are implemented.
  • Need revision contractors' stocks management, this involves the management of returns from the contractors, maintenance hub to the closest Mobishop, exchange stock to be returned within 72hours
  • Supports mfundi App improvement by providing operations inputs that have to be included in development for further improvement of efficiency and effectiveness of contractors' quality of working.
  • Provide functional support to zonal service coordinators, conduct spot visits to service area operations
  • Updates the Maintenance Technical Playbook · Play role in updating of maintenance playbook which encompasses all procedures process within the department include: - Provide training and documentation to all service network teams (Installation Technician Coordinator and Maintenance Coordinators) on technical issues), and be available to answer questions on providing support on metrics, data, Mobisol Database, service processes, and procedures, etc. - Provides updates to the maintenance playbook on a regular basis and when new processes and procedures are developed. - Improves outdated sections of the playbook when necessary - Develops country-specific sections to the service playbook when necessary - Advocates for the maintenance playbook - field teams should feel comfortable using the maintenance playbook as reference material.
  • Provides reports of lean implementation of different services
  • Monitor the SND related DB features and suggest improvements wherever necessary. The focus is set on data validity and workflow improvement.
  • Constantly review technician mapping as well as recommending action that needs to be undertaken to reduce delays and have cost-efficient operations.
  • Coordinate and design service areas Setup in coordination with the department manager and field service team.
  • Create one-point lessons for SND Operations and/or Training Videos (also to be synced with Mfundi)
  • Supports in identifying training needs for maintenance technicians
  • Ensure a well informed and up-to-date trained service network. Identify gaps through monitoring actions


  • At least three years' experience in customer relationship management
  • Business acumen and strong financial analysis awareness
  • Computer literacy, particularly good working knowledge of Microsoft Excel
  • Self-starter with a passion for Mobisol and its mission to plug in the world
  • Behavioral - flexible, eagerness to learn, problem-solving, team player, creativity, etc.

**Deadline for receiving applications will be 0000-00-00**

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