80W Basic Bundle

The bundle comes with:

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80W solar panel

Our Solar panels are robust, durable and very easy to install We offer state-of-the-art polycrystalline solar panels with long lifetimes and reliable performance. The panels are IEC 61215 certified and suppliers are certified in accordance with ISO 9001.

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50Ah battery

Our batteries are optimized with regards to lifetime and recyclability. The Solar Controller which comes with the battery permanently protects the battery from overcharge and deep discharge during operation, and is securely bolted on the battery.

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3x Light sets of 2W output

This system comes with three 2W light sets which include 3 lamp shades, 3 bulbs and 3 light cables.

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Why choose this bundle

Make sure your house never goes dark by getting 80w basic bundle with the highest usable battery capacity in that market segment with long expected battery life-time of more than 6 years that has Anti-theft protection technology to keep your home solar system safe. Additionally; this bundle can power Up to 10 light sets of 2W, a 24” TV LED flat screen, a pay Tv package, DC speaker and Haircutter.

Highest usable baterry capacity

It has highest usable battery capacity in that market segment.

Long battery life-time

Long expected battery life-time for more than 6 years

Anti-theft protection

Anti theft protection to keep your system safe from those who would try to tamper with it.

4 Years warranty

A 4 year warranty for your system, which includes repair and replacement of components with technical problems.

The system can power:

In addition to the 4 Power saving lights, the system is also able to power the items below:

  • Up to 10x light sets of 2W
  • Pay TV Decoder
  • DC speaker
  • 24” TV with LED flat screen HD
  • Haircutter
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Tsh. 3,800/ Per day
Tsh. 66,000/ Per month

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