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About Mobisol Tanzania.

Mobisol mission is to drive affordable access to energy solutions including appliances and services to millions of households and small businesses – bringing best life to our customers while stimulating economic and social activity as well as contributing to global environmental protection.

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Mobisol develops innovative off-grid solar solutions for home and businesses with high quality products engineered and tested in Germany. We continue to offer greatest values;

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Solar home systems

High-quality large solar systems for home or business ranging from 40W to 200W.

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Productive use appliances and entertainment products tailored for off-grid use conditions.


We have come a long way in just seven years, having grown from a two-man startup to a global company with over 750 employees and customers in 12 countries. Our vision is to help alleviate poverty by providing sustainable and affordable energy solutions to 20 million people by 2023.


  • Solar systems
  • Appliances
  • PAYG software
  • Electronic engineering
  • Lighting solutions
  • Electronic gadgets
  • Home systems
  • Industrial systems
  • Productive use

Awards & Certifications

  • Greentec Awards
  • TUV ISO 9001
  • TUV ISO 14001
  • Ashden Award
  • New Energy Pioneer
  • Lighting Global
  • Sustainia
  • United Nations
  • Katerva
  • Myclimate
  • WETP
  • The Off-grid Awards

Meet our customers

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The system can power laptops and an internet router. Being able to access knowledge via the internet becomes increasingly important – both for teachers and for students, as an essential skill for their future.“

Ms Songeti Headteacher at Elishana Secondary School
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I love that I make money with my solar system and can pay off the installments with what I earn. The system was installed right after I signed up – and if there are any problems I can just call the hotline and they will send a technician to fix the issue.”

Mr Teti from pastoralist area of Madji ya chai

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Use our dedicated support email to send your issues or suggestions. We are here to help anytime as long as your warranty last and beyond: 0800 755 000